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How to make Coco papaya Facial serum

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

This light weighted serum is a very lovely good summer product. The Idea was inspired from my tropical trip to Thailand where coconut water and oil are widely use for their refreshing hydrating and highly moisturizing properties, and of course the added papaya extract provides lightening and soothing effect for your delicate skin.

In here we are using MCT oil, which is medium chain fatty acids of coconut oil, it has the same scientific name of Fractionated coconut oil (Capric /Caprylic Triglycerides) but it is not the same, MCT oil is an ester rather than normal oil and it has low comedogenicity profile for oily skin. substitution with fractionated coconut oil is ok though

Sodium Alginate, our thickening agent in this recipe is derived from seaweed, Sodium Alginate has been used in the medical field, in the food industry, and more recently in cosmetics as a skincare ingredient. Sodium Alginate is used as a thickener, gelling agent, stabilizer and emulsifier.Sodium Alginate also helps to hydrate, soothe, and soften skin.

I am quietly sure you will love this product experience, so come on, grab your ingredients and lets make it with a lot of fun :)


Material use percentage

Distilled water : 47.800%

coconut water : 10.000% you can substituted with more D.W

Aloe vera juice : 10.000% You can substituted with more D.W

Glycerin : 2.000%

D-Panthenol : 1.000% You can use powder Dl-Panthenol

Allantoin : 0.600%

Papaya extract :3.000%

Hyaluronic acid (LMW) solution (1%) :20.000% HMW hyaluronic acid will work well too

Xanthan gum : 0.400%

Sodium Alginate : 0.500% you can substituted with cellulose gum

Vitamin E :0.400%

MCT oil :2.000% You can use fractionated coconut oil

Coconut Fragrance oil :0.100% you can use essential oil of choice

Papaya Fragrance oil :0.100% you can use essential oil of choice

polysorbate 20 :2.000% you can use PEG-40 Hydrogenated castor oil

Preservative Acnibio AC :0.100% you can use other preservative as available

Adjust PH as required (5-6)


It is so easy cold-process serum to make, weigh every this in separated container. mix xanthan gum with glycerin in order to hydrate it, and then add sodium alginate to the mixture and stir well.

To the distilled water add coconut water, Hyaluronic acid solution, Aloe vera juice, MCT oil and vitamin E. Then add the glycerin and gums mixture, stir well. Now add D-Panthenol and allantoin.

Dissolve the fragrance, or essential, oils in polysorbate 20 and then add them to the serum mixture along with papaya extract and finally add the preservative carefully.

your product is ready now to be filled in chosen sterile containers :)

Enjoy ❤️


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