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How to Make Lemon Gel (Serum)

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

At sunny summer, we look for a light refreshing and hydrating product especially for hands and feet. This serum is ideal choice.


Material Percentage

Distilled water 64.890%

Aloe vera 10.000%

Urea 4.000%

Sodium Lactate 3.000%

Glycerin 5.000%

HPMC 1.000%

Sodium Alginate 0.500%

Allantoin 1.000%

D-Panthenol 2.000%

Lemon Extract 2.000%

Hydrolyzed rice protein 2.000%

PEG40-Hydrogenated castor oil 3.000%

Lemon Essential oil 1.000%

Water soluble color 0.010%

Vitamin E 0.500%

Acnibio AC 0.100%


It is so easy cold-process serum to make, weigh every this in separated container. mix HPMC gum with glycerin in order to hydrate it, and then add sodium alginate along with sodium lactate to the mixture and stir well.

To the distilled water add Aloe vera juice, D- panthenol, Urea and Allantoin, you can warm up the mixture little bit in order to solubilize allantoin easily. . Then add the glycerin and gums mixture, stir well.

Dissolve the essential oil in PEG40-Hydrogenated castor oil and then add Vitamin e, Lemon extract, Hydrolyzed rice protein, water soluble dye and preservative. mix well.

now add them to the serum mixture.

you can use any preservative you have that suites this recipe but please make sure to use it in the right percentage.

your product is ready now to be filled in chosen sterile containers :)

source of my raw materials:


Reema ❤️

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