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How to make Chamomile facial toner

Toners are generally focused on hydration and pH correction, packing a seriously nutrient-rich, hydration heavy punch. so a hydrating and soothing toner sounded like an awesome addition to my skincare routine.

Todays recipe is a sweet nice combination of soothing chamomile with refreshing Aloe Vera juice and cucumber extract

Give your skin a calming experience with this goodie


-Distilled water 69.000% ⎥ 69 g

-Chamomile hydrosol 10.000% ⎥ 10 g

-Aloe vera juice 10.000% ⎥10 g

-Sodium lactate 3.000% ⎥3 g

-Panthenol 0.500% ⎥0.5 g

-Allantoin 0.600% ⎥0.6 g

-Vitamin E 0.400% ⎥0.4 g

-Polysorbate 20 4.000% ⎥4 g

-Chamomile essential oil 0.200% ⎥0.2 g

-Bergamot Essential oil 0.200% ⎥0.2 g

-Cucumber extract 2.000% ⎥2 g

-Preservative Acnibio® AC 0.100% ⎥0.1 g


Weigh all the ingredients into a small beaker. Stir to combine. Transfer to a 100mL bottle and you’re done!

To use, mist over your face or on a cotton pad and rub on your face. enjoy the hydrating, refreshing goodness.


- If you don't have chamomile hydrosol you can use any other hydrosol of your choice.

- You can substitute Aloe vera juice with more distilled water but I don’t recommend to substitute it.

-You can use any other humectant of choice like glycerin, propylene glycol or propanediol - -You can use PEG-40 Hydrogenated castor oil instead of polysorbate 20

- You can use any essential oil blend of your choice

- You can use any other extract that suites your skin type or just substitute it with more distilled water

- When using other preservative please make sure to use it in its recommended dose. I am here using what I have

Reema ❤️

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