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Chamomile Hydrosol

One of the oldest traditional herbs used in the world is chamomile flowers. From these sweet flowers, a floral water called chamomile hydrosol is extracted.

Chamomile hydrosols are becoming more and more popular due to their calming effect. They offer the same kinds of benefits you find with chamomile tea, but in something much more convenient.

With its Sweet subtle aroma, organic chamomile hydrosol may be used alone or in combination with other hydrosols such as frankincense or rose as a balancing skin toner.

The addition of witch hazel is also a very popular combination in skin care formulations, and it may be used in place of water as a harmonious base for cream and lotion recipes.

It is very gentle and provides subtle soothing properties to support hydration of the skin. Safe for all skin types and babies.

If you suffer from flaky itchy skin, rashes, irritated acne, or eczema, chamomile hydrosol can soothe the dryness, while at the same time reducing stress and anxiety.

you can consider this hydrosol when formulating for dry, irritated or sensitive skin types.

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